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6 best methods to maintain Gold Jewelry

2013-07-31 10:51:19 admin

Gold is one of the most highly valued jewelry. That means that you have to give proper care. Avoid rough stuff which easily scratches gold jewelry. Golden ornaments worn on hands are the most vulnerable to this. This can be avoided by removing your ornaments before undertaking activities like sports or manual work.

Be aware of erosive chemicals. Gold jewelry that is exposed to chlorine will become weaker and lead to breakage. To keep them safe, remove when going for swimming.

Learn to remove your jewelry before washing of utensils and using abrasives. The strong detergent will lead to breakage.

 Always remember to store your jewelry in a safe box, away from other gadgets. If mixed, they rub each other resulting to scratches.

Golden ornaments become dull with time. This is as a result from dust and sweat. Regular cleaning gentle scrubbing and drying them will leave them sparkling for longer.

A well maintained gold jewelry will still have tear and wear causing weakness. Inspect then daily paying more attention to attach pieces such as pins and gemstones/sand. If anything notable is visible, it will be wise to take them to a professional jeweler. They are refurbished and get in good condition like before otherwise they will break and you will lose them.

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